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  • Oct Thu, 2021 @ 03:31pm

    What does Trump know about 'truth' in the first place...?

    So on TRUTH Social you can -

    Post outright lies - no problem.
    Post racist diatribes - no problem.
    Post bigoted rants - no problem.
    Post criticism of Trump -- oops, bye-bye.

    Strangely, to me that sure sounds like 'cancel culture' made real. Another Trumpian hypocrisy, in it's full glory.

  • Sep Fri, 2021 @ 09:15pm

    or they could, you know...

    train their police officers to not shoot people, not to be on such a 'hair trigger' in every encounter with the public. Oh, wait, that would mean that the -police- would be making the effort to stop killing so much... sort of like that old "protect and -serve-" thing that doesn't happen so much. Never mind.

  • Sep Fri, 2021 @ 09:47am

    not really surprising - "American Exceptionalism" strikes again

    It's not really surprising that Americans pay more for less, and get mediocrity in performance and endless glitzy, empty promises of excellence 'real soon now'.

    We seem to have applied the "conservative", market-based solution to broadband, and we've seen how well that works in healthcare, in pollution control, and in banking and finance. The problem is "conservative" and 'public good' (in both the civic and the economic sense) do not co-exist.

  • Aug Wed, 2021 @ 04:00pm

    About that name...

    Poor Prof. Hamburger. He should have picked different parents, to get a different name... unfortunately it appears that poor Prof. Hamburger has 'ground beef' for brains. I think the theory that the Trump lackey now flacking for some un-named DC think tank (two guesses which ideology they support... not that two are needed) wrote the article, and poor Prof. Hamburger is along, or being take for, a ride.

  • Jul Thu, 2021 @ 08:42pm

    not really a surprise...

    The 'new' Trump Republican party has taken stands that are opposite traditional conservative positions on a lot of things, not just this 'Free Speech' invented controversy. They aren't real strong on 'free markets' where international trade comes in. They don't seem to see much need for the rule of law, and the only thing they care about in "law and order" is the 'order'. But the thing I have to wonder is how much longer Ms. Cox will be welcome at the Washington Examiner... it's not that she'll be "canceled", oh no! But they probably won't publish another word by her. Remember, 'cancel culture' is another "leftist" thing, Trump Republicans don't do that - just ask Liz Cheney.

  • Jun Wed, 2021 @ 01:42pm

    "reverse warrants"...

    I know people, or so I've heard, who used to do something similar. We called, I mean they called, it "dynamite fishing". You get everything in the pond, then you just sort out the fish that are edible. Works good. Or so I've heard. Too bad about the other fish, frogs, turtles, and such, though.

  • Jun Fri, 2021 @ 03:45pm

    solar powered fan?

    Wire up a small solar panel to a small cooling fan. Anytime the sun is shining, the fan is spinning... might not be "active cooling", but perhaps some airflow might help?

  • Apr Wed, 2021 @ 08:20pm


    To send the message to police that they need to be honest in court, the city of New York should clawback the salary this detective "earned" while he was lying to win convictions. If I did my job dishonestly, I would be fired for it... so this bad cop should be too, and lose his pension. His lies ruined the cases, so why should he benefit from his dishonesty? That's what we have police to prevent - profiting from dishonesty.

  • Apr Mon, 2021 @ 03:08pm

    Brains, or the lack thereof...

    If she were smart, she never would have been on "Trump's team". The best people, the very best people... ... run as fast as they can the other way when Trump comes calling. Lawyer Powell deserves nothing less than disbarment, and fines that wipe her out, and take every penny of hypothetical future earnings from Fox "News" and "News"max appearances.

  • Apr Sat, 2021 @ 02:12pm

    "famous for being famous..."

    "famous for being famous..." and for churning the publicity for endless attention, and monetizing it every way they can. What have -any- of the Kardashians actually accomplished, ever, except for enriching themselves by merchandising a gross glitzy kind of faux-upper-crust version of wealth and glamour. This worship of the kind of no-achievements rich, who then take crass advantage of their admirers for money culminated in the Cult of Trump. It all makes me want to scream "Get a real life, people" -- and stop wasting your life with 'the Kardashians' and their fake manufactured glamour, and their fake manufactured controversies.

  • Jan Fri, 2021 @ 08:10am

    law enforcement hiring - and firing

    Seems to me that law enforcement, given their defined role in society, should be somewhat more rigerous in their hiring standards than the general business environment. Most 'good corporate citizens' don't have most of their employees carrying lethal force, with the expectation they will use it at their determined need. So right away, we can see that law enforcement officers need careful and continuing training to make sure that their perceived need for lethal force places that as the 'last resort' and not the 'big easy hammer in my hand'. Next, since the law enforcement community has employees moving from organization to organization, the tracking of disciplinary problems and resolutions should follow those employees, so problem employees can't just 'bail to another company' where they continue unprofessional behavior. We give law enforcement officers unusual power over other citizens, we can and should require higher standards of professional performance and behavior - and their performance to those standards should stay on their records throughout their career. If those requirements are unwelcome, then a different career choice is recommended. How many of the Polk County problem officers had similar problems at other agencies before joining the Polk County Sheriff's crew? We should know that - and those problem people should have been avoided, or overseen very closely until deemed reformed. Instead, we see officers fired at one locale soon rehired at another agency, where their unprofessional abuses continue.

  • Nov Fri, 2020 @ 08:51am

    another Trump scam

    The real reason for all of Trump's election invalidation efforts is revealed in his fundraising emails to his Cult of Trump supporters. Read the details, and Trump is soliciting donations from his gullible fool supporters for a Trump Campaign 2024 slush fund, and to pay off his 2020 campaign debts, and to fill his own pockets (as he leases the 2024 campaign office space, hires his family as 'advisors' to the campaign, and sells them $3 glasses of water, etc. Trump is just trying to extract one last bit of cash from the gullible fools who believe that son-of-a-millionaire, self-described "billionaire" Trump is not one of "the elites" taking advantage of them all. Fools and their money are... constantly targeted by Trump and the "conservative" grifters surrounding him.

  • Oct Tue, 2020 @ 07:15am

    but don't call it "socialism"

    Corporate welfare is 'the American way'. The Best Government Money Can Buy has come through once again for their masters... I've often thought, when I read about the games corporations play, setting city against city, county and state against others - all bidding tax subsidies, free land, and outright payments to "create jobs" - that we would all be better off if we just gave the money to unemployed people. If a state is going to spend $3 Billion on subsidies to a major international corporation, "to create 13,000 jobs" - let's instead just give each of those 13,000 people $230,000 and see what they can do with it. Or maybe $200,000 even, each, and a year's training in business creation and money management. Almost all of these taxpayer giveaways (Amazon, I'm looking at you!) are to corporations that hardly need the money, and most over-promise the "jobs created" and the tax payback, and heavily under-deliver. It is all a scam, so of course Trump is right in the middle of it.

  • Jul Thu, 2020 @ 02:44pm

    a rule of thumb...

    I've concluded that anything that is "opt out" is probably against your interests. Every policy, every "end user agreement", and almost every "class action settlement" that you have to opt out of to not participate, generally appears to have been crafted to look out for the big player's interests, or send the bulk of the money to the lawyers... If the "privacy law" is seriously going to protect individual privacy, then all data collection, and all data use and sales must be "opt in" - the default must be "no collection" and "no sale".

  • Jul Tue, 2020 @ 12:09pm

    Make all the 'rules' you want...

    Go ahead. Make all the 'rules' you want. If the police keep stonewalling any investigations, turning off body cams, planting evidence, and telling lies to get warrants - even when it is against 'the rules', who is going to enforce it? Try to fire a cop for misbehavior up to, and including the death of those they are sworn "to protect and serve". The police union will show up, protesting all the way. Scaremongering politicians will gin up support on a "law and order" platform that's really all about scaring people into voting for them. "Who guards us from the guardians?" is right where we are now. Who, indeed?

  • Jul Thu, 2020 @ 07:18pm

    a bumpy road to the public's interest...

    I can't help but think that, should a restraining order preventing publication be made permanent, that while Simon & Schuster was driving the truck around picking up all the advance copies, it would be a true shame if one were to fall off the back of the truck along a particularly bumpy stretch of the road. A further shame if some unscrupulous party scanned in one of those dislodged review copies, and put the scans online somehow. Wikileaks, if you're listening...

  • Jun Mon, 2020 @ 01:43pm

    Re: turning the cameras off...

    The cameras should come with an on/off switch. But that switch should do nothing, and the camera should record continuously, in either position. "The way you behave when you think nobody is watching..." is the kind of cops we -really- have. It should also upload the video recording, real time, to secure servers controlled by the civilian police review board. Cops don't like these requirement? Find a new career.

  • May Sat, 2020 @ 09:02am

    no coincidence

    "Even if this is all legal (which is not certain either way yet...), it again reinforces the belief that the powerful live by different rules and are able to game the system for personal advantage, even as they're supposed to be serving the public interest." This isn't a "belief". This is a fact. Any rational analysis of "justice system" data will show this to be evident in the data.

  • Apr Mon, 2020 @ 02:30pm

    might just have to try some of that...

    Damn, I'm WFH and practically living on sandwiches now that I have to eat my own cooking. I might just pick up a pack of this 'near-meat' food product, just to see how it tastes compared with endless ham-bo-sands. Every school kid should be learning what's in those tweets... how come schools don't teach 'critical thinking'?

  • Apr Wed, 2020 @ 07:59pm

    Re: Anonymous comment - 'nothing to hide'

    Problem? I'm a cop, and I 'suspect' that you have illegal drugs and weapons in your home. So I break down the door without a warrant, and lo and behold, I don't find any drugs or weapons. Too bad about your door, you behave now, you hear?! If you ignore the rights afforded someone because upon ignoring their rights, you discover they are a criminal, based on groundless suspicions, then you are approving ignoring -everyone's- rights, so the search for criminals can go on. If you want -your- rights protected, you have to defend those rights for "criminals" too... whether you break any laws or not. And if we look hard enough, I'm sure we can find -something- to take offense to about you. Without rights, we can look as long and as hard as we want, without you having any recourse. "If you have nothing to hide..." protect the rights of those who do, or you have no rights, either.

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