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  • Jun Wed, 2021 @ 01:54pm

    "Of course you wouldn't need to trick users into giving up control of their thermostats using sweepstakes and mouseprint if the grid was capable of handling fluctuations." Allowing the utility to cycle your A/C to level peak demand is pretty common. I've had something like that on my A/C for a couple of decades. The utility has the option of shaving off peaks and the consumer (me) gets a free thermostat and a discounted rates. It's a win-win. Unfortunately some consumers aren't self-aware enough to understand what they signed up for. Many large utility customers also participate demand management by reducing demand when the utility requests. I know of large campuses that maintain whole-campus standby generators just for that reason.

  • Aug Mon, 2008 @ 06:08pm

    JSON - Security

    They've apparently decided that session encryption is unnecessary.


    "Any time you are transmitting confidential information or requests for confidential information, use SSL. It provides link encryption so that your secrets are not revealed in transit."

    So the service is vulnerable to session hijacking. Unfortunately so are many other similar services.

  • Aug Wed, 2008 @ 08:33am


    Does more attic insulation help?

    Just curious, not that I have anything to worry about..........

  • Jul Tue, 2008 @ 11:28am

    The missing month

    Of course Apple didn't sell any phones for a month - they ran out. So some of the sales were deferred sales from June.

    And true, the iPhone is close enough to a smart phone, missing only tethering, A2DP, and a handful of other feature to be a true smart phone, so a smart phone compare would be more accurate.