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I'm a tech guy, love new gadgets and such. Really love electronic cigarettes and i review them on a daily basis

What type of electronic cigarette brand should you use? The main two types for beginners are the mini e-cigarettes and top tank simple mods. The mini e-cigarette is the ones you see on TV a lot mostly from companies like Blu Cigs. They have large marketing budgets and cool blue cases but they are the worst tasting in our opinion.

The top tank ones are way more affordable, you get to put whatever e-juice you want to put in them and you will experience a better flavor. Scroll down to the next section to see both types recommended.

Advanced users are into Mods where the voltage and wattage are variable or mechanical. These are more expensive and fun but later on but they are a lot to deal with and over kill if you are new. We recommend top tanks for someone trying to quit smoking.

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