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  • France's Latest Plan: Tax Google, Microsoft And Yahoo To Fund Record Labels

    tarka saarmas ( profile ), 07 Jan, 2010 @ 01:14pm

    Encourgment of encryption and proxies

    Sometimes I think you take things a little too literally, as in block all french IPs.

    Instead what I think you will find is that the 'people' in france will want to see some adds. (For all the add blockers out there, there are plunty of people that then go out looking for product from places like amazon.) Alls that will happen is if they can't take a frech IP, the french will just start to encrypt all traffic to and from their computer and use proxies to do all their internet traffic.

    So the french will still head to google.com... over an encrypted link that shunts to a proxy outside france.

  • Philip K. Dick Estate Sends Google Cease And Desist Over Nexus One Name

    tarka saarmas ( profile ), 07 Jan, 2010 @ 08:09am

    Money play or good promotion.

    From first blush this looks like an idiotic move, and I'm sure that her lawyers know damn well they don't have a leg to stand on.

    So my take on it is that its a money movie, bitch, moan, and complain tell google pays her something to keep quiet.

    Or if that doesn't work, point out her fathers works, and see how many people start to pick up PKD novels to read. Especially the younger generations who might now have grown up cutting their teeth on blade runner.

  • Google Isn't Targeting iPhone Users; It's Targeting Everyone Else (Maybe)

    tarka saarmas ( profile ), 06 Jan, 2010 @ 10:47am

    Compeating, and phone price.

    Quote: While I think Gurley overplays the claim that the Android strategy results in "phones at much lower price points," since that hasn't happened yet....

    While the new Nexus phone might be priced up there with the rest I thought that I should point out about the lower price point is that the Nexus is a flagship phone. Best of the breed. If your price aware though, there are three other not as powerful but still run Android and run 3G on the same service. You can pick up a G1 rather cheep nowdays. For a phone that is really only a year old.

    As for how this phone works in the market, I think google was playing a very very fine line on this one. Just look at the features for the phone... and where it is used. It specifically will not work with Verizon tell some 'unnamed but soon' future date. Directly protecting Motorola's massive investment in the Droid. (As an engineer, implementing GSM or CDML isn't that big a deal and can be done from inception. Nokia does it all the time. with no more then a BOM change.) For directly being on T-Mobile, it does directily compeat with an older touch screen only phone... but.... thats made by the same company building it for google. No loss for them. For Motorola, they have a much cheaper phone with physical keyboard on the same network.

    The phone is almost tailor made with feature set and limitations so that it leaves googles partners room on the market. The price point alone helps with that. Other then the droid every other android phone I know of is quiet a bit cheaper.

  • German High Court Says That TV Schedule Info Is Covered By Copyright; TV Listings Sites Have To Pay

    tarka saarmas ( profile ), 23 Dec, 2009 @ 08:07am


    Another thing you could point out is that TV listings are yet another dying model. "Fixed times for viewing content? What an archaic idea." Being from a younger set most of us realized that the shows we watch pop up on Hulu and watch them there during lunchtime at work and spend time on the weekends at wild parties.

  • How Not To Respond To An Online Political Critic: Ask The Attorney General To Jail Her For Five Years

    tarka saarmas ( profile ), 23 Dec, 2009 @ 07:59am

    PAC funds and Filings

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Normally I'm rather impressed with your site and the way that you bring to light some very interesting stories but I think you missed the mark with this one.

    For all your kneejerk reaction to the headline in this one, Mr Grayson actually has a valid point and not over what she might say on a blog. She took the extra step and registered as a PAC with all the political financial obligations and TAX EXEMPT status that goes with it.

    The problem is that she is taking in money, registered as a PAC, but is acting as a campaign site against one specific congressman. PACs do not have a disclosed donations list, but PACs are also not allowed to be specific in raising what amounts to campaign funds.

    This issue isn't about free speach, its about campaign fraud. Thats why there is a five year jail term tacked onto it. He isn't asking the AG to toss her in cause 'he' doesn't like her, he is asking the AG to apply the maximum fine for political fraud.

    She filed the documents with the federal elections committee forming her tax exempt PAC with broadly false statements while true statements would have severely limited or not allowed her to form a PAC at all.