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  • Mar 25th, 2021 @ 9:18am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: There is a problem with her defense...

    Of course I do. Merely mentioned that we can name the last of the Dodos in the final stages of extinction.

    Someone mentioned Chris Cox. I guess there may be a few holdouts, but do have to ask why they are still hanging around the tarpit any longer.

  • Mar 25th, 2021 @ 9:12am

    Re: Re: Re: Schooling

    "Sunk cost fallacy, or just general pride, I think."

    At this point they're stuck in a hard mental choice; Either they're the few enlightened voices in the desert calling for the mass conspiracy to be revealed...or they have to own up to being clownish hopeless losers who have pinned most of their miserable lives on kissing the ringpiece of one incontinent fraud after the other.

    Letting factual reality into their lives at this point would just crush their fragile snowflake egos.

    " they bet everything on a final reprieve."

    Like storming the capital and failing to accomplish anything other than a pile of poop on the rotunda floor, for example. I guess that is a strong statement of a sort, at least.

  • Mar 25th, 2021 @ 9:06am

    Re: Re: Schooling

    "Do you really think a company would bring a $1.3 million defamination lawsuit and not know that they would be subject to discovery?"

    Why not? He still thinks Trump won the election and that George Floyd was a violent junkie who managed to overdose to death by a brilliant chemical engineering feat, just to spite the poor officer who was kneeling on his throat.

    "You know that things that somone's brother's barber's cousin might have seen are not really considered evidence, right?"

    Oh, his sources aren't that good - it all comes from Tucker Carlson and Stormfront.

  • Mar 25th, 2021 @ 8:56am

    Re: Re: "merk" seen only once before!

    "This is ASTRO-TURFING."

    Because normal people often lurk, have a life of their own, or just post on certain sites when directly following a twitter thread or crosslink there?

    No, if it was astro-turfing there'd be clear tells, a dogwhistle, or some packaged content in the message.

    In fact I'm onoly aware of one dead certain case where we found some asshat trying to build multiple accounts and back his own drivel up with a one-man army. You, Baghdad Bob.

    If your sole intent with these "Look, something I think is a Zombie" posts of yours was to remind us all about your past history as a sock-puppeteering troll then you have certainly succeeded.

  • Mar 25th, 2021 @ 8:51am

    Re: I love the subtext in this

    "...what does that say about all of the Trumpers..."

    The same thing everything else about them says?

    I mean, those people literally believe a "liberal" is a high society elite who orders barbecued babies as takeout from the Kenyan Muslim's child-trafficking satanist church headquartered in some pizza parlor's basement...

    And that someone wearing a yarmulke means he's part of an international conspiracy wielding space-based death rays.

    The only new thing we've learned about Trumpers lately is that they also don't know how toilets work, thinking the middle of the floor in a government building is where you need to poop.

  • Mar 25th, 2021 @ 8:42am

    Re: My view as a Musician and a © holder.

    "...if © is supposed to be anything, it's supposed to be utilitarian (which far too many maximalists ignore, forget, or (most probably) just lie about). "

    Who ever told you this has a shaky grasp of the reality of the situation. Copyright has not, since it's original english inception, been intended to be utilitarian. No more than the original *Red Flag Act was.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 9:00am


    "Some commenters here have a reputation for being dishonest liars."

    And there are so few of them we can even name them; Koby, Shel10, Restless94110, Cynoclast, tp and of course, Baghdad Bob.

    If the first four pitch in on anything "Die Fahne Hoch" will be sounding in the background, albeit in Koby's case with the volume dialed way down.

    tp is a copyright maximalist but appears to be mainly in it in order to troll the thread to pieces by spamming the iterations until it's no longer readable.

    Baghdad Bob is dire need of serious help, as far as we can tell.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 8:52am

    Re: Re: There is a problem with her defense...

    "There are plenty of reasonable republicans, also plenty of good republicans and many, many republicans who have advanced the welfare of humanity."

    We can even name the last of them. I may not have agreed with John McCain on very much but he was at least worthy of respectful opposition.

    Today it's pretty safe to say anyone still thinking themselves a republican has already made the choice; that white supremacy, naked authoritarianism, and utter contempt for democratic principles, individual liberty, and constitutional principle alike is not a showstopper for a candidate.

    Which sort of disqualifies them from descriptors such as "reasonable" or "good". Hell, they don't even qualify for "basic dignity" after they came out swinging in defense of the people who shat on the rotunda floor.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 8:43am

    Re: Re: Re: Schooling

    "A journalist is only ever supposed to research or discuss journalism."

    Considering Restless94110's long list of previous commentary we can probably specify it further; That he thinks a journalist is only ever supposed to research or discuss journalism, except when the "journalist" is Tucker Carlson who should feel free to weigh in with authority on any issue as long as the alt-right dogwhistle is blowing the refrain.

    Anything else is, to quote old truppenführer Restless 94110, just "Lügenpresse".

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 8:29am

    Re: Objection!

    "Exactly because of the danger of tall tales like attributing the U.S. "Reichstagsbrand" to Antifa..."

    I object, your honour! At most January the 6th was comparable to the "Bierhallenputsch".
    The "Reichstagsbrand" isn't scheduled until 2024.

    "... one should not accommodate the "I am just a fool" defense of those arsonists that are continously and consciously attacking the foundations of the republic."

    Oh, how I would love to see a judge strike down that defense with an "It didn't work for Goering", referencing the Nürnberg trials...

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 6:48am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: On the ZOMBIE front, here's "Derek" out, 2nd

    "I dont buy it.. gotta be alteriour motive not just nuts.. the way he dumps nonsense and never backs anything up or even acknowledge when shown indisputably wrong is all sabotage..."

    Plausible, I grant you, but on behalf of whom? Baghdad Bob's been at this shit for ten years.

    There is literally no chance anyone would pay him for those efforts, so he isn't a paid troll. Techdirt is not a blog overturning national or international policy so it's unlikely to be on the "troll to death" list of blogs of major vested interests.

    Meaning that Baghdad Bob has spent ten years consistently running the same rhetoric, largely unchanging save for which keywords he uses, in so similar a fashion that people who read his bullshit ten years ago still recognize his tells after reading two sentences in his latest "offer".

    That's either outright fanaticism or a serious case of grievance addiction demonstrated by an obsessive-compulsive who got so shocked over being called a "dumb motherfucker" ten years back he never got over it.

    No doubts about it, the man's insane. To the point where we can conclude there's a high likelihood he's either bedridden or incarcerated as most of the people who climb a water tower or shoot up a school are more in touch with reality than he is.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 4:18am

    Re: Corporations and Freedom

    "And it is truly a lonely, self-centered, short-sighted person who can't find anything worth working together with other people...."

    Also known as the modern republican. Oh, if only someone had kicked Nixon and Goldwater in the nuts when they tried bringing up the "southern Strategy" the US would be in a better place.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 4:15am

    Re: Klatu

    Koby can make good sense on some topics, but the reason he gets flagged a lot is because he's primarily out to ensure the owners of online platforms shouldn't be allowed to dictate the rules on who they allow to speak. Bluntly put, he wants the bar owner to stop tossing his nazi friends out for screaming ethnic slurs and disturbing the other patrons.

    He's been outed on this a long time ago, so every time he starts talking about moderation we know he isn't debating in good faith. As we can clearly see by clicking that "hidden" post of his and perusing it.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 4:10am


    "The 5G Bad! crowd should be attacking all of outer space, especially the sun."

    This, right there. The average solar panel absorbs about as much radiation in a cross-section as the average person. That's around 200 watts. Most of it either passing harmlessly through or being reflected.

    The 5G nutbags are literally floating up to their necks in water and screaming in hysteric fear that some kid with a water pistol might come closer enough they might get hit by a stray drop.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 4:07am

    Re: And the big question is: WHY does minion go round on this AG

    "By frequent defending,Techdirt evidently is all for "5G", though variously pretends it's all hype and is little deployed so far. Why is that?"

    Because there's nothing more to say about it; It's an overhyped and largely impractical technology mainly rolled out to enable unscrupulous telcos to pick the pockets of their customers and possibly extend an average wifi router's range to a few hundred yards.

    The science is well known. It's as basic as it gets with the sole difference being better signal resolution through computer processing.

    And I'd hesitate to say "techdirt" is "for it" given that these factors are well known among the tech-savvy. We are, mainly, not against idiots throwing their money at the useless and irrelevant, because that simply isn't affecting us.

    If anything I believe most of us here may be more in favor of actually expanding 4G to the point where that network protocol works as advertised instead. Today it's a fact that most people are in effect rolling on a 3G bandwidth cap, no matter what their phone tells them, because the 4G mast is barely in range and thus the signal is crap.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 4:00am

    Re: Report finds microwave energy likely made US diplomats ill

    "Now, all I have here is a conclusive official study, while you kids have the flag button, ad hominem, and amazing ability to gainsay facts. -- Let's mock."

    Yeah, let's mock. Because what you brought there is as relevant as holding up your microwave and screaming "OH MY GOD! DEATH RAYS!"

    Did you even read the link you posted? No. Understand the language? Apparently not. Tell me, you sad sack of lunacy, do you even english?

    Let's start with the very first sentence of that link; "The study found that "directed, pulsed..."

    Emphasis mine. They're talking about a god damn maser, you nincompoop. It's to a phone mast what a laser is to a light bulb, dimwit. Yes, directed and focused energy is bad. Good thing, then, that a radio transmitter isn't unidirectional, meaning the energy follows the good old natural law of electromagnetic diffusion.

    And then we come to actual proportion and basic science 101; The real world where you are, at every moment, exposed to hundreds of watts of cosmic radiation, most of which either passes harmlessly through you or is deflected right back. A million times stronger than what your 1 KW phone mast is distributing across few miles worth of volume.

    Yeah, let's mock. You, the brilliant "very stable genius" who appears to think that if there was a genuine hazard, actual scientists would be covering it up or somehow have missed it, and that phone masts wouldn't suddenly be a major military weapon, given the money they've spent on finding fast or slow death rays.

    Here's a far more realistic hazard prognosis for you; 5G is a hyped technology which won't be properly usable for any but perhaps 1% of the population but is being advertised as the Next Big Thing Everyone Needs by shady telcos who think, with justification, that it will allow them to price gouge their hapless consumers.

    Run with that one instead and you might gain more traction than spilling random keywords about the foul witchcraft of basic science that you don't understand and apparently fear as a result.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 3:45am

    Re: "(in fact several incarnations are less powerful than 4G)"

    "Again, with proposed power levels are up to 1KW, and if knew beans about beams from phased arrays which concentrate that power, then you simply wouldn't take the childish view that there's nothing for anyone except kooks to worry about."

    1 KW distributed across the area of a few square miles aren't enough to beat the static electricity you generate by walking, and vanishes completely in the roughly 200 WATT you get hit by just walking on a sunny day. In a far more hostile mix of frequencies, at that.

    Your argument is literally that you are complaining that some kid with a water gun standing half a mile away might hit you with a sprinkle, while you're standing to your hips in the ocean.

    Learn some fucking math, then learn a fucking sense of proportion - preferably before you start screaming that the sky is falling because you can't understand the evil withcraft of numbers.

    "...already been tested that tens of GHz frequencies can go right through walls and with a bit of computer inference from towers 'tother sides, effectively see persons."

    If people were denser than the walls in question and there was a receptor the size of a bus conveniently placed on the far side, yes. Otherwise, as usual you're tossing out a word salad of science you can't understand but must be bad since none of the actual experts and physicists actually educated in this stuff are scared.

    No, 5G isn't hazardous unless you're afraid the likely price gouging of shady telcos will do bad things to your blood pressure.

    Now as before the sole bad thing about 5G is that it is badly hyped - in most places you'll never see the utility of it, with normal 4G coverage not even being ubiquitous yet - and that unscrupulous telcos, first and foremost in the US, are looking at it as a way to salt your monthly bill.

    You seem to live in a world where anyone with an actual education and expert knowledge of physics must be part of a giant conspiracy - because it's not as if 5G is unknown sorcery. It's an application of normal electromagnetism with effects and consequences which have been known for a century.

    "You deliberately evade that microwaves can kill birds flying at fair distance."

    Well, yeah, and when a phone mast becomes a directional microwave emitter set to saturate a human-sized target with 800 watts focused over a foot-wide volume, THEN I'll get worried, because some asshole will have built themselves a maser.

    But for you to stand in a steady bombardment of cosmic radiation of all frequencies and complain about a phone mast putting out a millionth of that power, is just insane. If that use of electricity worries you I suggest you go unscrew the fuses in your apartment power box, because the wiring of your flat or basement is already holding you in an electromagnetic field multiple times as powerful as what that phone mast half a mile away will add.

  • Mar 24th, 2021 @ 1:30am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Truth isn't about being "lovable", Thad.

    "Once you understand that..." still won't get anywhere with the conspiracy theorists of today.
    Yesterdays conspiracy theorists still had some plausibility in their theories - because although highly unlikely it is possible that the massive amount of nazi elite imported wholesale to the US in 1945 could have turned the US political elite friendlier toward white supremacy and antisemitism. Implausible, but thought-provoking. Especially in the wake of Trump.

    Today? The conspiracy theory of choice is a religion in itself, perpetuated by reality deniers long inured to ignoring the evidence brought them by their own lying eyes. It's no wonder the "satanist child-trafficking ring helmed by the Kenyan Muslim and his Space Lizard jewish overlords" caught on - that's just pouring a few extra prejudices into the book of revelations and stirring it well.

    And that's fucking frightening. There are a whole lot of americans today - up to 73 million of them - primed to launch themselves into full-blown hysteria over any trigger word, as long as it's handed them by an "authority" of choice. Like Stormfront, the local brimstone preacher, or their long-time drinking buddy in the pub. How the hell do you even "deprogram" a cult trained to ignore causal reality completely? Of that scale?

    The only silver lining I can see is what was decidedly shown on january 6th. That these people are so inept and unable to function that even given free reign of their malice the only outcome of their actions is farcical failure, a few unlucky victims of mob brutality, and some confused degenerate shitting on the floor.

  • Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 7:38am

    Re: Re: Re: Difficulties

    "It's a phrase that also translates roughly as "fake news", a favourite complaint of a certain person. "

    Well, yeah, but it's been in popular use within the last century only as the standard terminology of reich nazis in 1930-1940.

    No wonder the stormfronters all pegged to it like flies on shit as soon as Trump started caroling out "Fake News", and dusted off their trusty old stand-by.

  • Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 7:36am

    Re: Difficulties

    "The "press" has become the lugenpresse and needs to be reined in."

    Are you even trying any longer? "Lügenpresse" is a slur infamously used exclusively by the nazis to shout down their detractors. It's about as telling an indicator as the N-word to imply exactly where you're coming from.

    At this point I think everyone would just appreciate if you stopped trying to weasel around your true opinions and just came out with what you really want to say.

    Damn, at least the original nazis had the chutzpah to stand up and say it straight. As did the original KKK. But you guys? What part of you is a "Proud Boy" now? Proud over being too much of a coward when not standing in a baying crowd, to say what you actually think?

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