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  • Feb 8th, 2021 @ 2:11pm

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  • Apr 19th, 2015 @ 4:52pm

    Re: 1201 time?

    What if that "Backup" service allows others to access you files? At what point did it becoming infringing?

    At the point that you uploaded it to a system others can access, obviously. You're intentionally making it sound more complicated to confuse people. But its really very simple. It's legal to make copies for your own use, illegal to share those with other people. That's not difficult for you, me, or any court in the world to interpret, and you know it.

    What happens if your "non-infringing" backup gets put on your network share drive, and your roommates or family members take a copy and share it with their friends. At what point was it for a non-infringing purpose?

    Again you're just adding more arbitrary layers to make it seem more complicated than it really is. The only part of that I'm not clear on is whether or not sharing it on an internal network with your roommate is legal. But honestly that part doesn't even really matter, since the only part that'll get noticed and draw any action is the later, and completely obvious, part where it gets shared outside the friggin house.

    Further, it would be clear that this change would make "ripper" tools entirely legal (ie, they would not be against 1201 because there would be "non-infringing uses"). Yet clearly, people would use these tools to rip stuff and put it on torrents or otherwise "infringe". What a change to 1201 would do would be to tip the balance that currently exists.

    So? By that logic anything that could be used to commit a crime would be illegal. Like cars and guns and knives and rope and masks and gloves.

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