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  • Nov 2nd, 2020 @ 2:36pm

    S 230 needs to be repealed to protect the ordinary american

    The problem with the Techdirt responses is that they are wholly misleading. They have skin in the game, as if S230 were changed, they would have to moderate their own website, comply with court orders requiring content removed. They don't want to give up the immunity given to them by S230.

    In any civilized society, their is a legal system that holds people accountable for their wrongs and provides effective remedies. The law upholds social order and is a foundation for democracy.

    This basic tennant of an effective legal system is destroyed by S230 because it provides huge inescapable loopholes to big teck, aka GOOGLE and also website operators because GOOGLE is not responsible for removing defamatory search responses from its seach results, nor are websites responsible from removing defamatory speach. The result is peoples reputations and lives can be destroyed in eternity, as people place defamatory remarks on websites like, which then tries to profit from the defamation and destruction of others with impunity. So far, the online defamation extortion racket has been completely successful becuase of the loophole that CDA 230 immunity provides, courts and people are powerless to have defamatory or private information removed from the web about them.

    We know that the teckdirt is not bad, nor is it google, and chances are it might moderate its website. It is not the bad guy here. But because of S230, the bad guys get away with -and the so called good samartian protection of S.230 is illusional, because, every single lawsuit has been lost when people try to have a website remove defamatory speach against them placed their by third parties, even when the website encourages it and defames others to profit from it, so long as the webside reproduces the original speach from the third party. Even when the website then tries to profit or refuses to remove the offending content from it, or even after a court has found the speach breaches the law or rights of others, S230 gives complete immunity so the website or GOOGLE does not have to do anything. Courts now have no power to make an order against websites, because it is precluded from doing so by S230, which is why S230 is loved so much by them.

    This was bought and paid for legislation from big teck, and they h

    Look people, this has been going on for almost 10 years, the court cases are in, and this is the undenyable effect.


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