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  • Feb Sat, 2010 @ 08:59am

    Typical behavior in a dying industry...

    ...in mature and/or declining markets, managers try to maintain cash flow by the easiest alternative available -- raising prices and then seeking market protection either by legislation, restrictive contracts with distributors and retailers, and similar acts aimed at trying to maintain barriers to competition...ultimately, this always fails...and the managers, in fact, are well aware of it...but all they want right now is to keep their salaries and benefits going as long as possible...so until they retire or die off and a new vanguard of managers rises to the challenge, expect more of the same...

  • Feb Fri, 2010 @ 08:02am

    Publishers are desperate...

    ...dwindling ads, dwindling subscriptions, dwindling readership...publishers are desperate to grab onto anything that might resemble a life buoy in terms of generating cash flow...hence, the excitement of Apple and the possibility of an "imags" shop...they simply don't get it, however...in a world flooded with information -- FREE information -- via the internet, the question becomes one of offering SPECIAL information that people are willing to pay for...that's a tough one...music can be listened to repeatedly...how many time does anyone need or want to read a magazine article?