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  • Who's Who Of Clueless Music Industry Lobbyists Send Angry Letter To Wrong Publisher

    Paul Payne ( profile ), 24 Nov, 2010 @ 05:32pm

    "our music"

    To those who styles themselves as "The Music Industry": The day you succeed in enforcing full control of "your" music will be the day the music-loving public stops caring. You will be be able to keep all of it to yourselves, thus assuring the final demise of parasitic middlemen. Music is loved because it is ours, (listeners and artists together) not yours. DRM encumbered files? Keep em, they're useless to me. I would rather do without music than support you.

  • Lars Ulrich: Underestimated File Sharing.. But Proud We Sued

    Paul Payne ( profile ), 23 Nov, 2010 @ 09:32am

    Pay for work

    Like most people in the world today, and probably for most of history, I get paid for my work. However, I do not get paid over and over for the work I did in the past. Only in the realm of copyright and patents is it different. Many of us are legitimately questioning why this should be so. The original terms for copyright still seem reasonable to me. Virtually eternal copyrights do not.

  • Can You Name An Example Where Suing For Copyright Infringement Made Business Sense?

    Paul Payne ( profile ), 03 Aug, 2008 @ 06:50am

    Re: Re: Re: Probabilities

    See this link for starters!

    Copyright didn't keep Rowling from "borrowing" - ideas, at least, and probably much more.


  • You Can't Legislate Stupidity Away… But Can You Automate It Away?

    Paul Payne ( profile ), 11 Nov, 2007 @ 08:32am

    Stupid People

    Any one who has failed to comprehend that a judgement of "stupidity" is often (usually?) a matter of personal interpretation and bias, combined with the presence or absence of shared experience, is probably too stupid to be involved in determining what is or is not stupid. Such people are described as having their "heads where the sun doesen't shine." The rest of us know who you are. Get over yourselves.