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  • Apr 16th, 2021 @ 1:20pm

    (untitled comment)

    '' The 10-plus-year run cable stocks have enjoyed has been underpinned by the emergence of these companies as leading providers of residential broadband in the U.S. ''

    Translation: The 10+ year run the Cable monopolies have enjoyed in bending the consumer over time and time again with reduced choices, skyrocketing charges for Set top boxes and routers, hidden fees and every other fee they could add on to gouge for just that one more dime on your bill while providing the least bit of service ( because in some areas where you going to switch to? That's right no one because they are the only provider..muahahaha ) and as the only few choices you have as these are the dominate players we share some concern that the cable monopolies will see their ability to keep jacking up prices every quarter like clockwork to prop up the illusion of profitability start to falter with the proposition of community based broadband and their potential ability to offer more than just internet service in their area and out of it and increased competition from other providers entering the market.

    We sincerely hope like hell the cash cow we are enjoying from no competition that are propping up these stocks will continue but we are peeing are pants that the end is near and these once profitable stocks are going to tank hard if you dont lobby the hell and grease the politicians to stop it.


    Concerned Wall Street Brokerages

  • Mar 8th, 2021 @ 3:16pm

    (untitled comment)

    Very Noble of those who sent in a submission to tell those not to screw with it, however this was futile from the outset because Tillis and Co had decided the outcome with copyright holders and pro copyright entities in Hollywood as to where this legislation was going and how it would be framed.

    The asking of others for their submissions is just window dressing to make a feeble attempt like they listened to the concerns of those against these changes when the outcome was pre-decided long ago.

    Politicians love to put on a show but 9 times out of 10 the outcome of these committees seeking comments is just a dog and pony show so they can say they gave everyone a fair shake before they decided to pass the draft, when in reality the lobbyists and groups pushing for the changes long ago decided where, how and what the legislation will look like everyone else's concerns be damned

  • Nov 20th, 2020 @ 12:59pm

    (untitled comment)

    LOL at the notion that Disney believes while it paid for the rights and the property to sell the books it never assumed liabilities. This is what kills me with Hollywood and their copyright enforcement and how they are fighting to make sure their creators get paid for their works, except they routinely screw their creators and find endless way to NOT pay them their due.

    It was one of the reasons I loathe and take a very jaded view of their claims of how they are fighting for their members, no they are fighting for the major movie studios publishers and record companies... this is who they are really fighting to get money for, not the people down the chain

  • Nov 3rd, 2020 @ 5:24pm

    (untitled comment)

    Honestly, if you ever have wondered who was pushing for this prosecution it has been Hollywood all the way, they couldn't do it thru the courts so they came up with the novel idea of using the US DOJ to do their bidding and this wondaful charge of criminal copyright infringement which is just a tad bit of a stretch in copyright law and criminal law.

    Honestly I am not the biggest Dotcom fan, with that said the man does have right and due process and there is more than enough shady shit with this whole thing from the beginning of it it till this day that stinks to high heaven and seem to more a personal vendetta on Hollywood's part to stamp out anyone or any platform they see as a threat to their business model.

    Lets see the charges: criminal copyright infringement, racketeering, money laundering, and wire fraud all at Hollywoods desire to make sure that Dotcom is driven into the ground and ends up in jail and as a lesson to others, go against us and your next. What I find inexplainable is how the US Govt and the USDOJ decided to come the defacto prosecutorial arm for Hollywood. How many cases have we seen this now since mgaupload where other sites and the people behind them have ended up being prosecuted by the DOJ and at the behest of Hollywood, lets see Kickass torrents, Jetflicks, iStreamItAll, the piratebay and that is just a few.

    Hollywood was having no success thru the courts so they enlisted the DOJ and came up with the following charges criminal copyright infringement, racketeering, money laundering, and wire fraud nad they have relied heavily on these to go after site and platforms and individuals. If Hollywood wants to go after sites that is fine use the courts but no damn way should the USDOJ, nation spy agencies, embassy officials and ambassadors be in on the hunt in this fiasco. How many millions of dollars has the U.S. and NZ governments spent on this whole prosecution at the behest of Hollywood and why the fuck is the taxpayer footing the bill for this sideshow? You can bet it is in the tens of millions if not more.

    Hollywood seems to think that the U.S DCMA is global,but last time I checked the DMCA is a U.S. based law. yes copyright infringement is under WIPO, but Hollywood seems to believe that the DMCA is applicable to everyone outside of the US and thus your their enemy and bound to bend to their whim if they dont like what your doing no matter what country you reside in.

    The Dotcom case is more than a handful of how the DOJ is really pushing the boundaries of the law to make a case fit at the behest of Hollywood, the shit that has gone on in dotcoms case is more than troubling it's an abuse of the goverment and their powers. The fact that Dot com is and has never been here but is a fugitive from US justice is more than troubling as is the seizure of his assets for this many years. This is what happens when the scales of goverment are abused and political meddling by lobbyists and industry to further their own agenda are being meted out and everyone ought to be concerned that the goverment is using its political might and spy agencies and legal arms to force a public prosecution for a private interest.

    It amazes me just how over the line goverment has gone these days and how lobbyists and organisations with money are wielding an ungodly amount of influence on citizens here and non citizens abroad

  • Sep 28th, 2020 @ 6:26am

    (untitled comment)

    LOL that the cable and telco industry thinks that the cord cutting will slow down and then people will flock back... in their dreams. the whole reason people are cutting the cord is because of the damn cost for what the consumer receives, it just plain isn't worth it..

    You have channels you have no desire to have but are forced to take to get the channels you do want. there is the constant price increases to the service ( if you want to call it that ) that come very 4 to 6 months like clock work, the wonderful box rental fee that you can also count on increasing as long as your a subscriber, then all the other additional fees that they also like to jack up because you know why they hell not, then there is the wonderful bombardment of commercials and if you want something like HBO or any sports packages, well bend over because are you about to take one...for the team and the big conglomerate

    The big telcos and cable co's just dont get that the consumer is tired of being gouged at every turn for service they get, the channels they do want and forced to take the channels they dont want and the quartley price increases and fee and rental increases that you can set your calendar to.

    Yes the motto of charge them more to increase profit with little improvement in service and no choice for the consumer is their death knell. Why wouldnt people leave when they can get streaming service cheaper even if they get 2 or 3 its can still be way cheaper than cable

    I cut the cord years ago and despite my telco and cables co promotional eforts to win me back it isnt going to happen, I save myself 65.00 a month by not using their service and using the 3 streaming services I use... and I am more than happy

  • Jul 28th, 2020 @ 11:52am

    (untitled comment)

    Liebowitz chances on appeal are about as good as my chance of winning the Powerball, sure I get a shot but the odds are pretty long I win and so are Liebowtiz's

    Richard can disagree and stamp,p his feet all day long it wont change any of the facts that he is following a long troll tradition of sue first and hope no one delves into the facts later.. Liebowitz's mass filings and litigation by quantity in hope of extracting quick settlements is of his own downfall. The trolls whole game is based on playing the odds that people will settle rather than fight.

    I believe we will start to see more people fight than settle i hopes they will win and Liebowitz will cut and run rather than get caught having to litigate the case and risk getting sanctioned.

    who knew the odds could turn into the defendants favour due to some inadequate layering on Richards part

  • Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:26pm


    Picking the peoples pockets for years and continuing to do so and people leaving ... like what nerve the consumer has to do this to them after all they have done for

  • Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:25pm

    (untitled comment)

    Stankey is a prime example of many CEO's in the landscape of large companies who this and believe mergers will pave the way to riches and cost be damned and that no matter what the price of those mergers are we can pass it on to the customer who will happily pay whatever we charge.

    AT&T and many other cable and telcos have been bleeding customers dry for years, the go to method to increase revenue for wall street has always been to raise the rates add more fees and give the consumer less and lees for the dollars they spend and as an added bonus lets just give you even shitter service then we have before.

    Instead of changing and adapting to the landscape on the horizon and IPTV and streaming services that are becoming more and more a choice of consumers AT&T and other telcos have stuck their head in the sand and declared these IPTV and streaming services a flash in the pan and here we are how many years later and those services are growing and the Cable co and Telco's are in decline

    It's bad enough that Stankey and pals thought that buying competitors and trying to make them the only choice or at least limiting the consumers options was a good idea and that the money would roll in but this another example of corporate stupidity. AT&T decision to screw with the success HBO was having with some of their programming and put in more cheaper and abundance of whatever they can find programming hasnt exactly been to the betterment IMHO in honesty some of the crap on HBO these days just goes to show how one strategy can start to derail a successful entity and the love it has built up with fans of its content

    Sorry but the constant rate hikes, the additional make believe fees that the cable and telcos seem to think they can keep raising to levels where they seem to be on par with the cheapest plans for tv or internet service just shows you how bad their bottom line is and how they desperate they are to get additional revenue to keep the illusion of profitability, sooner or later the house of cards will come crashing down, because Stankey plans of raising rates and customers will stay with us is doomed to fail like other telcos and cable co's are also finding

    is AT&T too big to fail, no, but you can bet your ass they will cry to the goverment they are , but sorry it is time for AT&T to take a massive face plant, even though we all know it will be BK and wipe this debt sell off a few assets and keep on going with some other clever soul who wont do any better than Stankey will.

    Honestly the feds would be better off to break AT&T up like they did with Ma Bell and quit allowing behemoths like this to grow, because they are destined to fail

  • Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 4:25pm

    (untitled comment)

    In Liebowitz;s filing he says they brought someone in and had new case tracking an alerts put on their cases to improve their litigation management of the cases they have ongoing?

    So does this mean that Richard will be looking for a refund on this case management , or do the alerts get the snooze alarm treatment at his firm? Because for Richard's so called improvements by the expert or guru he brought in, there sure doesnt seem to be any improvement of what a train wreck his litigation strategy is becoming.

    And using the Prenda Law "Double down and I am the victim here strategy" never worked well for them either... just an FYI Richard

  • Jul 15th, 2020 @ 9:40pm

    (untitled comment)

    Is anyone else getting a little whiff of of Another Prenda Law in the making? Seriously, all Richard needs to do is take his own photos and start suing over them, he's getting damn close.

    Filing suits and then doing so under your clients name and not informing them, yeah that is a no no. Negotiating settlements and not disclosing them is also a no no.

    Honestly it is way pat time for Richard to get his hands whacked here. This is the problem when you are using copyright enforcement under the guise of revenue generation you get too focused on the easy money and forget all about responsibilities, we have seen this time and time again with the trolls.

    Well ought to be interesting to read old Richards response to all this, anyone want to take a bet that Craig is about to get thrown under the bus a lot in the next while with Richard threatening to sue for defamation or something?

  • Mar 23rd, 2020 @ 12:38pm

    (untitled comment)

    Ah Hierl is still trolling along, from porn torrent lawsuits to unicorns lawsuits my how he has broadened his scope of trolling for dollars. Some things never change

  • Aug 4th, 2017 @ 8:43am

    (untitled comment)

    And this Jason dude wanted to be a District Attorney? How would this guy fair as a D.A. considering his Twitter postings? Not to well I would think.

    Then there is the postings on Stormfront (a known site that caters to White supremacists and their beliefs) could that have to do with Maybe why the D.A. didn't hire this guy when they rescinded the D.A. job offer.

    How would one feel if you were another race other than white and had this guy prosecuting you? Think you would get a fair shake? I am sure that is one of the questions the District Attorneys office had as well.
  • Aug 1st, 2017 @ 4:14pm

    (untitled comment)

    The fact that court knows that the FBI didnt follow the letter of the law and stated that the warrant was invalid is the right determination but then the court gives the FBI a pass by saying good faith so no problemo.

    The problem I have with this is the courts are leaning over backwards to allow evidence in cases to stand when it shouldn't have.

    This just gives the prosecution a tactical advantage that a defendant cant even come close to beating. Look I am not in favor of child molestors or those who buy, sell, trade or make kiddie porn, in my eyes they are way below scumbag level and as much as I would hate to see anyone of the aforementioned group go free, the governments and it's law enforcement partners need to play by the rules of law.

    The court should not be bending over backwards to allow the government and its law enforcement partners to salvage a case where there have been mis-steps and clear violations of the law in obtaining evidence etc.

    The court is supposed to impartial and weigh the evidence based on law but too many courts are allowing the government and its law enforcement partners to skirt the law and allow in evidence that shouldn't be based on violations used to obtain that evidence.

    More and more nowadays the courts have become too entwined with the prosecution and law enforcement and have lost the fact that they are supposed to be impartial.

    The scales for a defendant keep getting tilted towards the unequal side of the equation and thus put the defendant at a serious disadvantage of getting a fair hearing before the court and that is not the way it was intended to be
  • Jul 24th, 2017 @ 5:41am

    (untitled comment)

    Is anyone really surprised that someone the FBI recruited was still committing crimes? I doubt it. Let's remember the reason most of these "confidential Informants" the FBI recruits are people who have been caught by the FBI doing crimeS and took a deal to be a informant in hopes of avoiding jail or getting a lighter sentence if they helped rat out people for the FBI.

    There are a lot of FBI informants from turned mobsters to street thugs and your average criminal who go caught up in an FBI OP that have turned informant to save their own skin.

    Salvatore " Sammy The Bull " Gravano ran a major ecstasy ring while in witness protection after ratting out his fellow mobster and got 20 years for it.

    Alberto 'Alpo' Martinez' was a huge drug dealer in Harlem and helped intorduce crack and moved tons of cocaine into Washington DC. Alpo had major street cred so much so that he was depicted as an iconic figure in hip-hop mythology who was played by the rapper Cam'ron in the movie Paid in Full not only that Alpo was a rat who betrayed the street code to save himself after killing his drug business partner and ratting out his top enforcer to save his ass

    This is just two stories, there are lots and lots more out there. These are all people trying to save their own ass and if they have to lie, cheat, steal or commit some more crimes so be it.

    As for the FBI whose agents have been known to commit their own crimes, if you cant trust a fellow criminal, who can you trust
  • Jul 13th, 2017 @ 4:00pm

    (untitled comment)

    I had to laugh at this video, this is a pretty novel way to let someone know of infringement. Now we have to wait to see what coke will do.

    I give credit to this guy and his lawyer for doing it this way.. too funny
  • Jul 12th, 2017 @ 6:33am

    (untitled comment)

    The reason I believe that SOPA failed to gain any traction is because a lot of big corporations voiced their concern over SOPA as well as a lot of citizens and congressmen and senators caved to the very pressure that was thrust upon them from the anti SOPA movement.

    As we all saw though the pro SOPA crowd while defeated at that time, still was lurking in the back round working away to get their SOPA like ideas squeaked in thru the back doors.

    The anti net neutrality cause is still mired in their SOPA like thinking and Ajit Pai is leading the way to take the FCC into a toothless tiger and willing to screw us all for the almighty dollar and as we all know congressmen and senators will vote the way that the money flows to them in the form of PAC's by lobbyists.

    I hope that the pro net neutrality cause heaps some pressure on senators and congressmen to not let net neutrality get gutted and to throw some mud in Pai's face because of how he has already gone out of his way to screw the consumers and stifle competition.

    Let's hope that todays outcome will be startling defeat for Pai and the SOPA lovers
  • Jul 6th, 2017 @ 5:37pm

    (untitled comment)

    "Would you like to pay more for cable TV than you’re already paying? Then AMC has an offer for you: The cable programmer is going to start selling an add-on service that lets cable TV subscribers watch most AMC shows, without commercials, for an extra $5 a month"

    And of course AMC say's "Most AMC shows" and with that you have AMC's get out of jail free card when subscribers complain that "some" or "most" popular shows are excluded at AMC discretion.

    Sorry but "most" gives AMC an automatic out to decide how, w and what shows will be without ad s for those willing to pay. How will the AMC decide what shows will be ad free will subjective at best. Ho way in hell is AMC going to make their most popular shows ad free if there is not enough subscribers to take the 5 dollar ad free plunge.

    My guess is these shows will be one with not a great viewership or the popular ones that are in re run phase.
  • Jul 6th, 2017 @ 4:09pm

    (untitled comment)

    Of course the Government and it's law enforcement partners want to keep the no evidence needed and little if any documentation or notice to those whose cash they have looted from having the paper trail to follow to fight to get their cash back.

    This is free money for both the Government and it's law enforcement partners and they have purposely tried to obfuscate how and why they seized assets or funds and make it as obstacle filled as possible to get those funds or assets back to the rightful owner and those tactics are all be design to delay and frustrate a victim into giving just giving up trying to get the funds or assets back.

    I find it amazing that agencies that are sworn to uphold the law frequently flout it and break it at will and with no consequences to be had.

    Never mind that a person hasnt even been been charged with a crime nor found guilty of one but its lets get those cash or assets at all cost so we can all get a taste.

    Used to be as a child you were taught that the policeman is your friend and is there to help you, nowadays you have to be wary of said policemen because they are out to steal your money or assets if they can, cant tell who is the good guy and the bad guy anymore
  • Jul 6th, 2017 @ 8:05am

    (untitled comment)

    State Department’s Bureau of Economic Affairs, the MPAA & RIAA all join together to manufacture a twitter feud to promote the RIAA & MPAA's agenda and wish list of making it harder for you to get content and controlling how you get, where you get, who you get it from and for how much.

    So why is this such a concern that the State Department’s Bureau of Economic Affairs is out there and writing and trying to sign people on to a manufactured twitter feud?

    Seriously all these taxpayer dollars are being spent to advocate for Hollywood who has made more fucking money in the last 16 years then they ever have? and the State Department’s Bureau of Economic Affairs feels the need to jump on board with this so called "Hollywood Twitter feud" script?

    Let me guess some congressmen or senators got paid by Hollywood to fund a PAC for them and then the congressmen and senators pressured those at the State Department’s Bureau of Economic Affairs to get on board with this and make this a priority.

    Much like we saw with Hollywood using Mississippi AG Hood office to go after Goggle after funneling enough money his way we see Hollywood at it again. If people already didnt think the MPAA & RIAA were already a slimy bunch, this sure isnt going to make them look any better.

    Once again we see how this is not a Government for the people but against it. Taxpayer dollars used to fund Hollywood's wet dreams and agenda. This is another example of why Government is so corrupt and ineffective for the people.
  • Jul 6th, 2017 @ 7:45am

    (untitled comment)

    The UK has been using such systems for a long time and other countries are following the lead.

    The difference between China and the UK will be that China will be using this to crack down on dissent and to help track those who are encouraging subverse activity against the party or the state.

    You can bet your ass that those who China suspects are enemies of the state or party whereabouts will be much easier to track and apprehend and of course seek punishment against.

    I certainly don't believe that China will be using this new CCTV system and facial recognition to help the people feel safer or secure, more the threat of we are watching everything you do, behave or else.

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