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  • Parked Car Gets Multiple Speed Camera Tickets

    Jesse Johnston ( profile ), 24 Jan, 2010 @ 05:05am

    I guarantee that this was an issue where the camera was picking up image/radar reflected off of the paint of the parked car of speeding cars passing by.
    Solution: drive your car through mud before parking it in a speed trap.

  • As ISPs Look To Charge Per Byte… How Accurate Are Their Meters?

    Jesse Johnston ( profile ), 13 Jan, 2010 @ 04:54am

    'Green' internet usage devices

    Great, now IT guys will have to contend with the new wave of routers, internet connectivity devices and various crap-ware that will inevitably claim to optimize metered billing accounts and save money on the frugal customer's bills...

  • Appeals Court Says Tasers Can Be Excessive Force

    Jesse Johnston ( profile ), 30 Dec, 2009 @ 10:32am

    Law enforcement officials definitely need to realize that less-lethal devices are only being used for 'law-enforcement', not for whim-enforcement. If this kid was not breaking a municipal law (not just a school rule), not only should law-enforcement never have been involved, but this kid that was tased was illegally assaulted by this officer.
    Resisting arrest has become the de-facto reason for most law-enforcement incidents, but ignoring law-enforcement is not against the law if you aren't doing anything illegal.

  • No, Grand Theft Auto Isn't To Blame For Dumb Teens Getting Violent

    Jesse Johnston ( profile ), 29 Jun, 2008 @ 04:23pm

    That's like the pedophile using the defense that 'watching Sesame Street made me rape those children...'

    So I would turn around and say that watching Sesame Street causes pedophiles to act out where they normally wouldn't...

    err, it should make more sense than that, I followed the same formula.

  • Is Internet Distraction A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing For Kids?

    Jesse Johnston ( profile ), 29 May, 2008 @ 06:41am

    Kid and the internet

    It's called multi-tasking... any kid who can pull off 5 IM chat windows while in 3 different IRC rooms, posting on a forum board, editing a wiki page, playing a video game, ripping a cd and downloading the new Indiana Jones movie SIMULTANEOUSLY will probably be the first person to push that old geezer working in your company into early retirement. You know the one, the old guy that keeps asking you how to print out each email he receives so he can read it... Not to metion this new 'super-kid-of-the-future' is the entire reason computer companies are making quad-core processors.
    Also, I think that the fact that kids are growing up learning to do all of this in the background while still being able to think through long term problems / strategize / do homework / make important life decisions
    is nothing short of amazing!