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  • Jul Wed, 2009 @ 11:27am

    Just like other mediums...

    I have had several discussions with my students about this topic in the digital arts. Lots of my students like to take artwork they find and manipulate it beyond recognition through Photoshop filters and plugins. My thought is that if there are identifiable areas in your finished work then it's probably not a good idea to use it commercially or even at all.

  • Jun Fri, 2009 @ 12:16pm



  • Jun Thu, 2009 @ 04:00pm

    How do you pay that back?

    For most people that type of money is a financial death penalty. What does she do now? Go into hiding?

  • Jun Wed, 2009 @ 09:21am

    eBay decisions and Skype

    eBay needs to make some smart decisions. Yes, they will presevere, but who knows for how long. Is the current business model appropriate. Buying Skype seemed like a mad dash for recognition of a current business model in hopes that it will integrate seamlessly with their current needs or so believed needs. IMHO, Instead of achieving this, they have darkened the water. It's similar to when they started selling new items on ebay. eBay started as being known for used items. How do you break the branding of "old" and start selling "new". If eBay is going to branch out its business in this manner they should do it as separate branches of the business. It's true, they have done this by leaving Skype as Skype. But what was the goal? Buy a company because they "think" the service it provides is needed for their current business? Who do they buy next? A credit card company? Oh, wait, they did that with Paypal. That was definitely a smart move although I've read a lot of interesting stories about Paypal transactions.