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  • Should Google, Amazon And Others Be Able To Lock Up New Generic Top Level Domains For Their Own Use?

    Kevin James ( profile ), 23 Feb, 2013 @ 07:29am

    Icaan so Iwill

    ICAAN is starting to look more like Hallmark Cards. Create a new "Special" day to sell more cards.
    Companies have enough on their plate being having to register county based domains or ccTLDs (.uk; .au; and the rarely used .us) To fully protect a domain name one would need to register of 300 ccTDLs.
    Now multiply those 300+ by the number of level one domain names ( or then do the math with alternative such as or we are already over whelmed with TDLs.
    Enough is enough.

  • Satan Finally Reveals Himself As A Legal Employer

    Kevin James ( profile ), 22 Feb, 2013 @ 08:14am

    Not so devilish

    In Australia and UK we have a different system. Misdemeanors are presided over by a Magistrate and an accused can be represented in court by a Solicitor (Lawyer)
    Felonies or trial by jury are presided over by a Judge and only a Barrister can argue the case. In this situation a solicitor does all the groundwork, chooses a Barrister and provides him/her with a brief (all relevant material).
    A solicitor requires years of experience to be accepted at the bar as a Barrister.
    It is rare a Barrister would accept a brief that was considered suspect as our courts tend to be intolerant towards courtroom tricks.
    Barristers ask questions from their seat and can only approach a witness with a Judge's permission.
    As for the wigs and black capes worn by Barristers that exists so a jury cannot be influenced by the Barrister's appearance. They all look the same.

  • DailyDirt: Not-So-Gross National Products

    Kevin James ( profile ), 01 Feb, 2013 @ 11:07am

    More toilet friendly paper

    I propose that all newspapers, telephone directories and copy paper become toilet friendly. Yes we need softer newspapers etc. Maybe a home machine that can perforate and aerate paper that turns harsh papers into soft tissues.
    Better a patent the idea. The Perfaerator.
    Then I guess the printers would object over copyright issues. Transferring print to one's rear may be considered illegal copying.
    Come to think about it what did people do during the depression era. Maybe a Perfaerator already exists.

  • WikiLeaks Reveals Aaron Swartz May Have Been A Source: Wise Move?

    Kevin James ( profile ), 23 Jan, 2013 @ 10:47am

    Down and further down

    Is it me or am I reading too much into the negative opinions in this and other forums.
    The way I see it is the USA is just one basket case. It apparently has totally lost it's way and appears to be so far from what the forefathers envisioned. If those men could spend one day in the current climate they may go back and rip up the constitution and wonder if it is even worth having one.
    Lies and secrets eventually fester to the degree when everything is rotten. The USA is close to that point. Wikileaks was trying to get the real truth to the people only to be stomped on by those who thrive of lies and secrets.
    Time for 100% open Government. The truth has never been the cause of corruption and wars. Lies and secrets have

  • NRA: Games To Blame For Violence! Also, Here's A Shooting Game For 4-Year-Olds!

    Kevin James ( profile ), 19 Jan, 2013 @ 11:15am

    Tell me another story

    When I was four I was given my first cap gun (A toy that used
    Impregnated paper to make a banging sound). Later my Xmas parcel included a pump action gun that shot out ping pong balls. By 12 I had a double holster, two cap guns, a bow and arrow set and to date I have not become a raving murderous lunatic.
    It is not the tools that make the person, it is what they learn.

  • Australia's Spies Want To Put Members Of The Public At Risk By Using Them To Pass On Malware to Suspected Terrorists

    Kevin James ( profile ), 19 Jan, 2013 @ 11:06am

    Hitler would have said

    Vertrauen Sie uns. Wir tun dies, um zu sch?tzen Sie die Menschen.
    Yea, sure.

  • DailyDirt: Get A Little Bit Older And A Little Bit Slower…

    Kevin James ( profile ), 03 Jan, 2013 @ 09:54pm


    Science has shown that even though we can prolong life it applies to the body only. There is no known way to prolong the life of our brain. The rate of dying brain cells increases with age.
    The current aging population is already placing massive strains on pension funds, health and welfare systems sending many counties into debt.
    Imagine the consequences if people lived for an average of an extra five years
    I wouldn't mind living for more years as long as both my body and mind were fully functioning and I could continue to learn and contribute to society and not rely on society to care for me.

  • Copyfraud: Copyright Claims On CDs Say It's Infringement To Loan Your CD To A Friend

    Kevin James ( profile ), 29 Dec, 2012 @ 12:44pm

    I never lend CDs

    I have never lent a CD to anyone. I give it as a gift with their right to return it if not satisfied.
    Copying a CD is a trickier. To get around that restriction I note that the copyright doesn't mention copying part thereof so I snip 1/2 second off the end of each track.
    Public performance. It is annoying having to advise all neighbors within hearing range of my 500 watt stereo system to wear ear plugs whenever I play a CD. I now take out an advertisement in the local newspaper list all times that music will be played. I am billing the copyright owner for the earplugs.
    I have had my car sound proofed as to adhere to the broadcasting restrictions.
    Reproduction. My wife is post menopause so reproduction has ceased plus I cannot reproduced something I never produced in the first place.
    All solutions are as idiotic as the restrictions.

  • Kraftwerk's 12-Year Lawsuit Over A 2-Second Sample Comes To A Bizarre End

    Kevin James ( profile ), 22 Dec, 2012 @ 11:12pm

    No one owns music

    Out of the multi billion tunes that have been composed since the caveman hummed his first combination of notes every known combination has been used somewhere in a song.
    No one has a right to own any chord, riff or phrase.
    Composer's rights should only apply to the whole work where there is a unique combination of everything to which the quantity is indefinite.
    Kraftwerk may have themselves used a combination previously used by someone once. The only difference is that someone hasn't discovered it yet.
    In fact out of all of Kraftwerk's works, like just about any song written, 80-90% has been used before.
    The courts need to understand this and toss out all petty claims if it does not relate to an entire work.

  • Who Signed The ITU WCIT Treaty… And Who Didn't

    Kevin James ( profile ), 15 Dec, 2012 @ 11:32pm

    No surpise

    The countries that produce 90% of the world's music haven't signed.
    Now if the whole thing was based on the number of votes allowed was based on the actual contribution each county makes to the world's music it would be a grand slam decision to bury the idea.
    Like the UN 80% of the vote represents counties on the take side and 20% on those who give. Warped.

  • The Complex Joys Of Music In The Age Of Digital Abundance

    Kevin James ( profile ), 15 Dec, 2012 @ 11:25pm

    Ain't y'all lucky

    Ok I am an oldie and can go back to the day when the marvel when the vinyl LP and 45 came to be. Yea I'm that old.
    I was a commercial radio DJ and musician for most of my life and have witnessed the ever changing music and technology and wonder why anyone complains about anything to do with music these days.
    Back when the only source for music was radio or your local record shop the choice was extremely limited. There was no Community radio, There was no FM and is was rare to find a radio station that would venture away from pop, Jazz and Classical music. I remember having to put a wide dipole aerial on my roof so I could pick up those rare stations broadcasting from hundreds of miles away. Local radio was pathetic at the time with limited playlists, usually the top 40. Back then we even had to pay a license fee to listen to any radio station.
    Now there are literally thousands of station on and off line. The amount of music available to listen too has never been so broad yet people still whine about it.
    just imagine if you lost all that is now and had 3 stations to listen too and was subjected to whatever those stations decided to play. Imagine entering a record shop that was stocked with music the record companies chose.
    As with musicians try having three top ten hits and still struggle to make a decent living out of it. Ten years, 3 hits and no royalties at all. Think yourself lucky if you can afford rent and a meal.
    If you are into any form of art for money then you have chosen the wrong path. 9-5 jobs pay better.
    If you are in to any form of art for the love of it then find an alternative way of making an income to finance that love.
    Bottom line Art does not = money

  • Apple Gets Design Patent On… Page Turning

    Kevin James ( profile ), 13 Dec, 2012 @ 10:44pm

    Patent leather brain

    I want to patent the word patent. Then I can sue everyone who sues over patents.
    Apple, on the fast track of being the world's most hated company.
    "You may fool some of the people all the time etc"

  • No Surprise Here: Congress Passes Unanimous Resolution Telling The ITU: Hands Off The Internet

    Kevin James ( profile ), 06 Dec, 2012 @ 07:59am

    ITU The reason it exists

    The ITU was created solely to establish international telecommunication standardizations.

  • Early-Morning Raid Sent To Confiscate 9-Year-Old's Winnie The Pooh Laptop For Downloading Music

    Kevin James ( profile ), 03 Dec, 2012 @ 08:15am

    My wish

    If only department.
    If only the unions that control the radio announcers and radio/TV technicians put a ban on playing or showing any product made by members of the RIAA and stuck to music from Independents and non RIAA record companies then there would be a complete change of guard in a few days.
    Without radio or TV artists associated with the RIAA companies would see their sales drop to Zero.
    Watch the multies change their approach big time.
    Nice to dream sometimes.
    I hope this girl's parents sue big time and demand the removal of whichever judge granted the warrant.
    No back to reality and find a place to hide my Micky Mouse laptop.

  • DailyDirt: Animals With Tools

    Kevin James ( profile ), 28 Nov, 2012 @ 01:51pm


    Yipes! For a moment I thought I was looking at Windows 8.

  • SurfTheChannel Founder Gets Extra Jail Time For Revealing Documents That Raised Questions About His Conviction

    Kevin James ( profile ), 22 Nov, 2012 @ 07:30am

    Find Wally

    It seems harder to find a fair Judge than finding Wally. All Judges garments should come with no pockets

  • Company Sues Kickstarter Over 3D Printer Patent, Maligns 'Hackers And Makers'

    Kevin James ( profile ), 22 Nov, 2012 @ 07:28am

    Johnny Cash got it wrong

    The famous song should have been titles "A Country Named Sue"
    The way one reads it everyone just sues everyone else over patents that should not exist.
    The patent law should be changed to show that unless a patented object is not included in a readily available working product in a 12 months period the patent is surrendered.
    That should stop the patent trolls dead and free developers in improving whatever the patented object is.
    It is time for innovation, not just sitting on something hoping a law suit comes their way.
    No wonder the USA has lost is edge on innovation.

  • UAE Clamps Down On The Internet

    Kevin James ( profile ), 16 Nov, 2012 @ 07:03am


    Name one Government that doesn't want to control the Internet and I'll move that country tomorrow.
    I'm safe as there isn't any.
    The whole thing was designed to prevent anyone taking full control over it. That was it's beauty.
    So now counties can only control elements of the Net by law and various filters and boy are they all trying.
    I applaud the creators.

  • Confused Irish Newspaper Editorial Argues That Search Engines Need To Pay Newspapers

    Kevin James ( profile ), 15 Nov, 2012 @ 02:46pm

    Newspapers on the wrong track

    I was once an avid newspaper reader. I stopped my subscription because the quality of journalism has hit rock bottom.
    The actual news is no longer relevant. Most news is old hat by the time it is published. Today's journalists appear to think by expanding the news report, often padding out an article with irrelevancy, makes for good journalism.
    I want opinions. I want to read hard hitting analysis of today's issues. I want the political bias removed. I want the truth about what is happening. I want the newspapers to be like wikileak.

  • Bradley Manning Willing To Admit To Leaking Info To Wikileaks, Hoping For More Limited Trial

    Kevin James ( profile ), 08 Nov, 2012 @ 06:10am


    How many songs could I name that over the topic of openness, truth & honesty. That is what the world needs now and then there would be no need for Wikileaks.
    But alas, paranoia is the bread that the intelligence world live on.

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